Products and Services

wxPython Donation
If you don't need any specific help or work, and just want to help out the wxPython effort, then please consider making a contribution to the project. Just about everything I get goes to hardware, software, network services, etc.
wxPython Consulting Hours
If you need specific features added to wxPython or want programming assistance on a project using wxPython (either short or long term), then this option is what you are looking for. It's a per hour billing for software development work on or using wxPython.
wxPython Support Incident
Have a problem that you can't solve? Need a wxPRO to look at it? With this low cost option you can purchase a single incident's worth of problem solving support. You'll get your very own wxPRO to focus on the problem, looking for a solution. Two consulting hours are included, if additional hours are required they can be added on.
wxPython Yearly Support Contract

** Until further notice, this item is not available.

For those of you who want a higher level of support, guaranteed response time, telephone hotline, etc. then you'll want to get a support contract. Features included are:

  • 1 working day response time
  • 1st priority problem resolution
  • 10 hours consulting or support time
  • Access to a private mail address and phone numbers
  • etc.
Most companies with comparable support contracts charge an outrageious fee per seat. We only charge a modest fee per workgroup, you can't beat this deal!

You can view the contract here.

wxPython On-site Training
Coming soon!
Fixed-cost Project Bids
Interested? Please let us know.